Santorini emerged from the depths of the sea, Santorini born for those magical seconds when the sun disappears,the heart beats harder. Emotions here are never lukewarm,emotions here are never simple,on the island that separates you from your bad self, because only here you can stand on the edge of the caldera and throw into the sea whatever weighs on you, let the waves take it away.Here is the island that gives birth to love and unites with the bonds of marriage.

Activities and Entertainment

  • Shopping
  • Daily trips to IOS
  • Vist the museums of Santorini to experience all the her aspects
  • Try local products and traditional dishes
  • Get lost in the magic of Santorini’s sunset
  • Visit the wineries of the island and discover the uniqueness of Santorini wines
  • Daily excursions to the Volcano and volcanic Islands of Santorini
  • Prehistorical city of Akrotiri
    Visit the prehistorical city οf Akrotiri and travel through time, walking her streets and squares.

  • Kastelli Emporio
    Enjoy a stroll in the castle of Emporio, walk through the paths that lead to it and admire its architecture.

  • Akrotiri's lighthouse
    You may haven’t planned to visit the lighthouse in Akrotiri,as it isn’t one of the top touristic attractions in Santorini. Visit the lighthouse and discover another landscape of wild beauty on the island of beauty and love.

Santorini’s beaches

Santorini’s special beaches are famous for their unusual color
The most famous beaches of Santorini are :
  • Black beach
  • Red beach
  • Whitebeach
  • Vlychada
  • Ammoudi
  • Mesa pigadia
  • Exo gialos
  • Monolithos